Monday, October 20, 2014

Breckenridge Fun

_MG_7857.jpgMy children look forward to our trip to Breckenridge every year. We usually arrive a day early, so we don't have to wait in the forever long check-in lines and we can leisurely unpack. Showing up a day early gives us an extra day to swim and we usually have the entire pool to ourselves. The hotel has this awesome pool that is half indoors and half outdoors. Swim under that wall and you'll be outside. Brr!
_MG_7861.jpgThis is a view of the hotel and conference center from our room. It's like a huge maze trying to find your way around, but now that we've been coming for years we're old pros!
IMG_0262The conference usually begins with an opening service. This year, with the extra children in tow, we filled up and entire row. It's important to arrive a little early to claim your seats or you'll be stuck standing in the back of the room.
IMG_0285There is a game room that keeps the little ones quite entertained. You don't have to give them money or tokens, and they still feel like they're playing the game. It's a win-win for me. Free is good and they're enjoying themselves.
IMG_0289There's also a random cow in the game room that turns milking a cow into a game. The little ones were quite intrigued. You don't have to stick any tokens in it to make sounds come out of the cow's mouth. They think her mooing is udderly hilarious!
IMG_0283Nine holes of mini-golf can keep children busy for hours while they learn proper form and/or get the balls into the holes.
IMG_0263This is for you, Summer! I'm jealous that Wendy is probably hanging out with you right now, but we sure missed you in Breckenridge. Thanks for sharing your friends with me. :) We wives had a lovely evening hanging out while eating brats and drinking beer and wine!
IMG_0264After a lovely dinner I went on a hunt to find my family. Guess where I found them? It was snowing, but that didn't stop them from hanging out in the hot tub.
IMG_0374   IMG_0273
We spent a lot of our time in the game room and I even got a chance to play a little basketball against Carlos. Can you guess who won?IMG_0258The cold and snowy weather was perfect for fires every evening and morning. Winter is on its way, people! Well, hopefully not in the city, but I think the mountains are getting dumped on these days.

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