Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Teenager and Her Grandparents

_MG_7534.jpgWhen Yei and Grandpa come for a visit there's Lego building,
_MG_7538.jpgmatching pajamas,
_MG_7552.jpgwarm weather for
_MG_7546.jpgplaying football,
_MG_7571.jpglots of laughter,
_MG_7609.jpgand family photos.
_MG_7624.jpgWe also added a teenager to our family. What? How did that happen?
Our new teenager surpassed me in height years ago, but currently stands at 5 feet 6 inches, which means I need to buy higher heels now. Lady Gaga send me your heels, please!
_MG_7631.jpgWe had a small celebration at home and then it was off to dinner
2014-09-15 at 18-48-28at Cinzettis. We've come to enjoy this all-you-can-eat buffet that lets our children eat for free!
2014-09-15 at 18-40-56Dessert is addicting at this place, and
15480056022_29cf4680fd_o.jpgso is the laughter from all of these cuties! Happy birthday Rebecca and also to my mom who recently turned . . ?. . ;) Love you guys!!

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Lauren said...

Teenager!? How can this be? How special to have her grandparents in town to celebrate with her.

And I have to say it was really funny to see a whole family of Asians in front of an Italian buffet. :)