Monday, October 27, 2014

A Peek Into Our Accommodations

_MG_7878.jpgThis view of the mountains never gets old for me. I love to imagine what the slope looks like during ski season, with the runs and trees covered in snow. I also think it would be fabulous to ski right into the hotel in which you are staying. How awesome would that be? Maybe someday we'll get to do that, but for now we'll enjoy the fall days here. _MG_7865.jpgThe question I get asked most often always has to do with how our family fits wherever we go, so here's a peek into our hotel room or condo if you'd prefer. I usually plan meals and pack a ton of food because eating out for every meal can get quite costly. I love crockpot meals. They're quick to prepare and the they cook all day while we're out having fun.
_MG_7866.jpgThe main floor has a small kitchen, dining room table, couch, tv, and a fireplace. It's a tight squeeze for all of us to be here together, but we do fit.IMG_0293
There's a decorative mirror on the wall that all of us kept mistaking for another room and a few of our children even walked into it by accident. It makes for fun selfies too!
_MG_7867.jpg _MG_7868.jpg
Up the stairs are where 2 bedrooms are located. The master bedroom may have the largest bed, but it is not the largest room.
_MG_7870.jpgThe kids were pretty spoiled with having three bedrooms to split between nine of them. Their rooms were all the same. Just imagine a regular hotel room with two queen sized beds and that's what their rooms were like.
There were two bedrooms upstairs. Then a spiral staircase that led back down to two more bedrooms just like the room above.
_MG_7871.jpgExcuse the mess, but there are several children occupying these rooms. Each room also had their own TV. That's 4 more TVs than we have in our house. The children thought it was so cool that they didn't all have to watch the same show. The funniest part of all of this, though, was when they tried to call each other on the land line phones in each room. They'd make plans to call each other then the child receiving the call would pick up the phone and wait for it to ring, while the caller couldn't figure out why they were getting a busy signal. Our children are definitely growing up  in a different time than we did.
The sun was gorgeous on our last morning in town. A few leaves were holding out as long as they could before turning yellow and fall off their trees. There were still some flowers peeking up through the icy ground too. IMG_0295All good and fun things must come to an end, but not before trying to figure out how we fit everything on the way there, and now we're wondering why it won't fit on the way home. Hmm. . . It definitely takes some careful planning and packing when fitting 11 people in a large van.
_MG_7906.jpgWe took the faster route home and the scenery couldn't be any more beautiful. It totally looks like we're about to drive into the mountain doesn't it?
_MG_7907.jpgWouldn't you want to drive through or maybe ski down that lovely snow-capped mountain?
_MG_7910.jpgWell, how about we just drive through it for now! The tunnel is quite entertaining to our children. They think it's the coolest thing to be driving through mountain while we adults just think we're driving on a road. Gotta love the minds of children, right? After going through the tunnel it was just a short drive back home and we were glad to be home.

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Lauren said...

This is all amazing, between the tunnel and the massive amount of food/clothes/shoes you have to pack.

And no, the mountains do not look fun to ski. That actually terrifies me.