Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beach, City, and Baseball

imageOur hotel has a private beach, so when I finally rolled out of bed, (my husband got up and worked out at the gym before I woke up), it was time for brunch. We decided to stroll along the beach over to Mission Beach to see what we could find.
imageWe ended up at this cute little place right on the beach. We sipped coffee while eating breakfast outside, and taking in the view of the ocean waves.
IMG_4642.jpgAfter brunch we decided that some relaxing beach time of tanning and people watching was just what we needed. The weather was perfect!
_MG_7031.jpgWe lounged around the beach just long enough for my husband to get a little pink coloring on his pale, fair skin. The Rockies were in town playing the Padres, so we started a Craigslist search for tickets and scored some great seats with parking too. With a meet up time downtown to pick up the tickets it was perfect timing for us to do a little exploring around the city. I love walking around bigger cities. It's fun to see the different characters of each city. Someone had to get ice cream at Ghiradelli. Can you guess who?
imageAfter we picked up our tickets we realized that we hadn't eaten anything since brunch so we stopped into the Stone Brewery Tap Room right next to the stadium. If you love IPAs you'll LOVE this brewery. IPAs are a little too hoppy for me, but I did love the flatbread pizza that went well with my beer. :)
_MG_7033.jpgWe're huge baseball fans, so naturally when our favorite team was in town we had to go, right? Okay, so maybe we planned it that way. We've always wanted to travel around and check out other ball parks, so this was the perfect chance.
_MG_7036.jpgNot that I've been to many ballparks, but what I think makes Petco Park unique is the sand box they have for the children to play in during the game. How fun is that?
_MG_7037.jpgThere's also a grassy knoll for a cheap place to sit during the games. While the view of the field isn't great from here, this huge screen makes up for what you can't see from the hill.
_MG_7039.jpgWe walked around the stadium before making it to our actual seats. That guy in the field is former Rockie, Seth Smith. He was one of my favorite players.
_MG_7043.jpgI think their screen is similar to the one at Coors Field.
_MG_7068.jpgWe finally made it to our seats. Check out that view!
_MG_7074.jpgAt this point in the game we thought we had a chance to win. Our team was scoring runs. If you don't follow baseball let me fill you in by telling you that the Rockies are pretty much the worst team in baseball right now.
_MG_7075.jpgThere was a little hope, but then. . .
_MG_7077.jpgthe Padres began scoring more runs and Charlie Blackmon is all, "C'mon guys! We've got to hold them." Maybe that's not what he's saying, but maybe he's giving them a pep talk?
_MG_7078.jpgThe Rockies didn't end up winning, but we had fun checking out Petco Park and downtown San Diego.

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