Thursday, July 31, 2014

We Had a Blast!

IMG_0695We spent the 4th of July with some dear friends and were spoiled by some wonderful food and entertainment for all of our children.
IMG_0720They bought the children water guns.
IMG_0705The guns were perfect for the hot weather.
IMG_0743Then, of course, you have to play with fire.
IMG_0737The little ones loved the sparklers and pop-its. . . once they stopped freaking out.
IMG_0797.jpgAs the sun went down, we walked over to a nearby park to watch the fireworks show. After lugging my camera gear to the show I was disappointed to see that I had forgotten my memory card. :( Luckily, I still had my point-and-shoot with me. I think the photos turned out okay.
IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0793.jpg IMG_0788.jpg IMG_0801.jpg
IMG_0805After the show we came back and made s'mores in the fire pit. Our foster children got to experience fireworks and s'mores for the very first time. We sure had a blast!

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