Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skysox Baseball

Living in Colorado we've become big fans of the Colorado Rockies. Baseball is such a fun, family friendly sport for all ages. The Rockies have a AAA team in Colorado Springs, just an hour and a half from us. When I got wind that they have a $2 Tuesday games we decided to jump on the chance to take the whole family. It's an affordable outing for a large family. ;)

IMG_0673.jpgThe Rockies have been hit with many injuries this year, and while we were hoping for a run to the world series the injuries on the team have been devastating to their season. As the Rockies recover from their injuries they are sent to play for the AAA, Skysox team as part of their rehab. 
_MG_6468.jpgOne of our newest favorite players for the Rockies, Nolan Arenado, broke his finger earlier in the season. He won the Gold Glove award last year and is so fun to watch at 3rd base. Anyway, we had perfect timing to watch him play for the Skysox as he was easing back into baseball, after being out of the game for several weeks. He was still wearing a brace on his hand to protect his finger.
_MG_6458.jpgThe Rockies pitching staff has also struggled this year, so players have been sent down or brought up from the Skysox to play for the Rockies. Juan Nicasio has been struggling a little this year, so he was sent down to the Skysox. He just happened to be pitching that evening that we drove down.
IMG_0683.jpgFor $2 we had fabulous seats behind home plate. The field was quaint, so we felt like we could jump right onto the field. The kids had a great time and can't wait to make it to a Rockies game soon!

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