Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

IMG_0344Back in May I purchased a little point-and-shoot camera and it's been my go to camera ever since. It's so much easier to carry around, but the pictures definitely aren't as nice as my big camera as shown above in this blurry action photo. ;) With 11 children in the house we decided to get out and play, so we headed to the museum. 
IMG_0357There's a fun exhibit called Discovery Health where the kids learn everything about their heart rate to how their bodies regulate temperature and how their bones and muscles work together. It's pretty fun. We could spend hours just in that exhibit.
IMG_0373Another area had them digging for fossils. Sand and digging can keep a child occupied for hours too. Just sayin'. 
IMG_0369Puzzles for all ages and things for sensory play were also availbale.
IMG_0367Older children can also put guts back into a body. ;)
IMG_0377There's a drawing table and your drawing can also become a masterpiece on their wall.
IMG_9227We rode the elevator down to get a photo with this dinosaur! It's nice to have a family pass to the museum because there just isn't enough hours in the day to see and do everything there is to do.

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