Friday, July 18, 2014

10 in 10: Part 3

IMG_0898.jpgLast Sunday we were visited by Professor Ludwig, who has been teaching in Siberia, Russia. It was such a joy to hear a sermon from him. 
IMG_4462.jpgAfter church, he gave a presentation on his work in Siberia. 
IMG_4465.jpgWe came home for quick lunch of Melius pancakes and waffles.
IMG_4468.jpgI shot a short video during Professor Ludwig's presentation. It's nice that Patricia and I have matching Macs. I was able to share the video by dragging and dropping.
IMG_4472.jpgLegos are a staple in our home, and they get played with daily, by everyone.
IMG_4475.jpgMy Lutheran Stud and 7 children packed up to go camping for a few nights.
IMG_4479.jpgThey went with a friends from church. The girls are ready to go.
IMG_4482.jpgAfter they left the two little girls and I headed over to the Sampers house for dinner and cocktails!
IMG_4484.jpgHere's Carlos the grill master. The chicken was fantastic!
IMG_4485.jpgLittle Immanuel is going to be a pastor someday.  That's what he told his mother. He prays like nobody's business. There you have it! That's my 10 in 10 or maybe it was in 12. ;) You can't win 'em all, can you? Until next time. . .

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