Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Holy Week

_MG_5593.jpgHoly week began with Palm Sunday, which our children love. The children were looking forward to Palm Sunday this year, but it totally crept up on us too. How does that happen?
_MG_5608.jpgCan you picture Jesus, in your mind, entering Jerusalem when you see all of these palms? Thinking about it kind of gives me anxiety, but for good reasons, right? Catch the Palm Sunday sermon here.
_MG_5716.jpgOf course the anxiety disappeared on Easter morning and everyone was pretty excited!
_MG_5760.jpgMany children were were giddy with anticipation of the Easter egg hunt. Personally, I think there were too many eggs. ;) With 9 children in our home. . . well, you can only imagine.
_MG_5752.jpg    _MG_5759.jpg
The little girls are growing up too fast. I don't think I can call them babies anymore. :(
_MG_5765.jpgThomas is a professional egg hunter by now. He fills his bag in record time.
_MG_5776.jpgEggs were hidden in our overgrown garden that we aren't planting this year. The overgrown grass and weeds made things a little more challenging.
_MG_5751.jpgThe adults watched from the windows wishing they were young again and longed to join the hunt.
_MG_5802.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was in charge of the pancakes, and was outfitted by his grandmother's John Deere apron.
_MG_5826.jpgChurch began with the procession of the cross and the choir singing in the background. It could not have been more lovely.
_MG_5836.jpgOur sins were forgiven, a lovely sermon was preached, and the body and blood of Christ were received.What a glorious morning. Christ has risen!
imageEaster afternoon was a different story. If y'all know us, you know that we usually feed a big crew at our home on the holidays. This Easter was no exception, except that at church I couldn't resist inviting more people over. (I have a soft spot for people who have no family or friends around to share the holidays.) I decided to make two 10lb hams for the occasion-one smoked on the grill and one in the oven. Well, the grill decided to smoke a little more than normal and then let out a big explosion. Of course it would be too uneventful for something not to go wrong, so naturally, we had to expect something to happen. ;) Thankfully, no one was hurt and the ham was still amazing!
_MG_5841.jpgThe food was fantastic and the company was even better! They were so fun and intriguing that I forgot to take pics? Can you believe it?
_MG_5838.jpgI did get a photo of the lovely desserts. That's all that matters right? Happy Easter, y'all!


Lauren said...

What?! No garden?!

Jan Melius said...

No garden this year. :( We haven't had time to get it started or clean up last year's mess. I'm a little sad. I have no idea where to get veggies this summer.

Kellee said...

Oh, mom will be so happy to see the china in use!