Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday at the Zoo

_MG_5292.jpgWe spent the afternoon of David's birthday wandering around the Denver Zoo. It's always an adventure when we go. You never know what you'll get to see. Can you see the African wild dog blending in with his surroundings?
_MG_5299.jpgThese two reminded me of the Lion King, yes?
_MG_5306.jpgGiraffes are always fascinating to my children. Why? Is it their height or the way that they chew their food? For me, my fascination lies with that guy in the navy sweater. 
_MG_5318.jpgWe stopped by to check out the polar bear just as he was taking off on a mission.
_MG_5320.jpgPerhaps, that is his afternoon snack, or maybe he's on a diet. Personally, if I were him, I'd be thinking that I was getting jipped on my lunch.
_MG_5325.jpgHis meal disappeared in two bites. Can you tell that's he's searching the crowd for more food?
_MG_5327.jpgThe Tropical Discovery area is one of kids' favorite areas. I think it helps that there are massive tanks right at their eye level.
_MG_5329.jpgIf you're not careful these lizards will just jump out from nowhere, or so you think they came from nowhere.
_MG_5332.jpgIt's pretty difficult to lay around soaking up the heat all day, don't you think?
_MG_5342.jpgElizabeth had a thing for the Komodo dragon and it liked her too. His head followed every move she made.
_MG_5349.jpgThe birthday boy received a free ice cream cone. He said it was the best ice cream he's ever had because it was in cone.
_MG_5354.jpgI'm not sure we've ever witnessed the hippos outside of the water standing up, so this was a treat, I think. David said, "Look at the hippo's _______." I'll let you fill in the blank there.
_MG_5359.jpgHe was getting his teeth cleaned, but once they finished him up he was all about getting back into the water.
_MG_5360.jpgThen it was on to the hippo next door.
_MG_5363.jpgI guess they can perform tricks if you ask nicely.
_MG_5383.jpgAlong with the free ice cream came a free ride on the carousel. Little did we know that children under 46 inches get a free ride. All of the little ones got to join David on the carousel. Somehow I ended up on this thing, but wish I hadn't. Riding around in circles can make one dizzy and throw off a person's equilibrium for the rest of the afternoon. Whoops!_MG_5364.jpgMy Lutheran Stud volunteered to be in charge of the camera and thought y'all would like to see my most recent favorie boots. They're the most comfortable boots I own and have shearling on the bottom as well as fur up the side of the boot.
IMG_8781As we were leaving the zoo we got quite a show from this gorgeous peacock. One of my foster boys commented, "That bird has a lot of eyes!" The zoo is always full of interesting sights whenever we visit. Perhaps, that's why we go there often.


Lauren said...

Hippos are not only extremely dangerous, but they are filthy and enjoy wallowing in pounds of their own feces. So those hippo pictures terrify me. For real.

(I only know these things because I have boys who find these kinds of books at the library.)

Rachel Francisco said...

Tell David we have a rhino with a LONG schlong at our zoo. Timmers couldn't stop talking about the size. That hippo has nothing on the rhino.

Jan Melius said...

Oh, Rachel! Looks like we'll have to make a road trip to CA. ;)