Friday, March 7, 2014

Elves Live At the Museum

_MG_4014.jpgWe had so much fun at the MythBusters event that we didn't have time to tour the rest of the museum. This meant that we had to make another trip, only this time a lovely volunteer informed us that there were elves hidden throughout the museum. It was sort of like Geocaching, except that we couldn't get up close and personal iwth the elves. They were all behind the glass.
_MG_4016.jpgWe stopped to learn about Africa in our quest for elves. Other cultures are so interesting to me, perhaps I should have been a sociologist.
_MG_4021.jpgCan you spot the elf among the stars? It's kind of tricky.
_MG_4023.jpgWe took a tour of the dinosaur area and found this elf going for a ride!
_MG_4027.jpgThis lady lured our children over to her little exhibit. I'm sure she was trying to tell them that the dinosaurs lived millions of year ago.
_MG_4028.jpgWe got them away to from that sweet, but mislead woman and checked out some fossils around the exhibit.
_MG_4035.jpgWe caught a little elf snoozing in a tree as we continued to wander around the museum._MG_4029.jpgThere was an exhibit showcasing animals from the Rocky Mountain region. I think it was more interesting to look at how the terrain used to be and how it is now.
_MG_4040.jpgThis little elf was a tough one to see. He's not painted on the wall, but an actually tiny elf. Can you see him?
_MG_4042.jpgYou'll have to look closely or get a magnifying glass to find this guy. He's hidden well among the brush in the background.  We found all, but one of the elves. Hopefully, we'll make another trip soon. Finding that last little elf is high on my children's priority list. 

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Lauren said...

What a fun idea to hide all those elves! I think I saw one. I would totally stink at geocaching.