Monday, February 24, 2014


IMG_7212Have you ever heard of the TV show called MythBusters? I hadn't heard of it until we decided to attend this exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 
_MG_3395.jpgIf you've seen the show you might recognize some of the props above since they've been used in the show at one time or another. Before we went to the exhibit I had to search for a few episodes on TV, so my children could watch it. They loved it and keep asking to watch more! It's a pretty entertaining show. They take different hypotheses and prove them right or wrong by actually doing experiments. The episode that we watched used a lot of explosives, so watching things blow up was pretty fun. _MG_3400.jpgAt the museum the children got to test out their own hypotheses. This experiment asked whether one is more wet when they run or walk through the rain. Rain was simulated and on one side you ran through it while on the other side you just walked through leisurely.
_MG_3396.jpg   _MG_3397.jpg
The black light shows all the areas that got wet from the rain. This would have been a fun experiment except the children all thought it was so cool that they kept running through the rain over and over agian unitl they were pretty wet. Hmm . . .
_MG_3410.jpgIf you can't locate your darts go ahead and just pull out a deck of cards. Depending on the angle in which you toss them they'll splice their way right onto the board.
IMG_7255If you were to fling buttered bread off a table how do oyu think it would land? Butterside up or down?
_MG_3422.jpgAfter much testing we concluded that the butterside up is the way the bread fell most of hte time.
IMG_7253How long can you hang from the ledge of a cliff? It's easy for the little ones, but a little more difficult for the bigger kids.
IMG_7223   IMG_7225
I can remember what this swing is all about, but the girls sure look sweet, don't they?
_MG_3425.jpgThis experiment tested a person's reaction time when shot with a paint ball. You're supposed to move out of the way.
_MG_3431.jpgThis person didn't fair too well, but we sure enjoyed watching him get shot. If the MythBusters come to your town you should check it out. The children keep begging to go back again!

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Heather said...

That looks like a sweet exhibit! We used to have memberships to the DMNS. Now I wish we still had it.

Was it busy that day? Sometimes there are a lot of school groups there. But as a homeschooling family, I think that museum is priceless. We love it.