Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Denver Stock Show

_MG_4708.jpgOn a whim we decided to head to the Stock Show since it was a free day for all. That probably saves our family about $100 so, we'll take what we can get. The weather couldn't be more perfect for a stroll outside.
_MG_4711.jpgIn the education hall we got to see some 4-H bunnies that looked like they might need to go on Mrs. Obama's get fit plan or perhaps they were just really healthy.
_MG_4716.jpgPonies had a chance to refuel before giving out more rides to all the children.
_MG_4718.jpgThese chickens made me yearn even more for a few acres so, we can raise chickens and have a massive garden.
_MG_4719.jpgDavid met a new friend in the petting zoo area.
_MG_4723.jpgThis adorable llama kept trampling over children that were in his way. It was great entertainment to watch him.
_MG_4728.jpgWe also checked out some prize winning cattle. Don't mess with these guys.
_MG_4730.jpgThese are Highland cattle. I guess they enjoy having a long furry mane. 
_MG_4737.jpgThese bulls were totally being judged. It was like a beauty pageant except that the criticisms were made public and the bulls were ok with it.
_MG_4739.jpgI bet you've never seen a bull as shiny as this one, have you?
IMG_8174Of course you can't visit the fair or stock show without eating funnel cakes, even if it is with a fork. ;)
IMG_8183We were so tempted by these mouth-watering ribs but, we didn't give in to the amazing aroma that filled the air. Instead, I came home and smoked some ribs the next day. 

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