Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Goodness

_MG_4196.jpgIt seems like all the craziness of Christmas came before Christmas. Was it that way for you? We attended a Christmas party complete with an appearance from Santa himself. Out of all of our children these three were the only ones brave enough to go near Santa.
_MG_4201.jpgAll of the children were given Christmas gifts that fit them perfectly.
_MG_4210.jpgClowns were on hand to paint faces and make balloon animals.
Adams County Foster Care Christmas party complete with Santa Claus, scary clowns, and gifts for everyone.Elizabeth wanted a little lady bug on her face.
_MG_4212.jpgDecorating cookies was also a fun activity for the children.
_MG_4217.jpgHome Depot sponsored a tic-tac-toe craft which involved a lot of hammering and glueing of pieces.
_MG_4337.jpgDecorating sugar cookies has become a tradition so, at the last minute, we invited our foster children's sisters to come and join us. 
_MG_4341.jpgThe kids loved it!
_MG_4344.jpgTheir masterpieces were pretty darn cute!
Making lasagna noodles is a team effort. Christmas eve was spent making homemade ravioli.
Making homemade lasagna today!This might have to be a new tradition because we had a lot of helpers and the food was amazing!
Merry Christmas! Who's the most awesome pastor's wife at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church?Christmas morning began with a pit stop at Dunkin' Donuts before heading to church. Our church normally enjoys cake and coffee after the Christmas service but, the cake was overlooked. Donuts were a welcomed sight.
_MG_4474.jpgWe came home after church and the children couldn't wait to dig into their gifts. There were so many gifts that we ended up having to place all of the children in separate areas of the house. 
_MG_4488.jpgIt was so crazy that we just brought the dumpster right into the house. By the end of the day we had filled 2 huge dumpsters and a recycle bin. Yikes! I hope your Christmas was fun and maybe relaxing. We're enjoying a little down time and are looking forward to Epiphany. How about you?

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Adriane said...

Look at that grin! So glad your house was filled with lots of little people joy this Christmas.