Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Anticipation of Christmas

_MG_4327.jpgWith Christmas right around the corner, but still being in the season of Advent it's difficult to  convince my Lutheran Stud that we should put up our Christmas tree. 
_MG_4322.jpgAfter the begging and pleading of our children we finally put our tree up just days before the first day of Christmas. That was such a feat in itself that we haven't done any other decorating. 
_MG_4320.jpgIn the evenings we like to sit and marvel at the beautiful lights and, since it's still Christmas we've got several more days to enjoy this beauty.

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Gretchen said...

So Jared is an Advent purist too, huh? We never put the tree up until Christmas Eve when I was growing up. So hard for kids! Now...I totally get it. I wish we could push it back, even though now Christmas starts (commercially speaking) the second Halloween is over. Well, your kids will probably get it when they grow up, too. In the meantime, the twinkling lights of the tree are all the more lovely for having to wait.