Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Around Indiana

We stayed with our dear friends Ron and Lori. Since they're empty nesters now, they had plenty of room to house our family.  We played cards and ate meals regularly with this crew of Martzes.
Besides Lori (in the Harley shirt above), Ron has to be one of my favorite people. He has impeccable style and, 

he's also got great taste in work boots. ;)

Of course we couldn't visit Indiana without stopping by Concordia Theological Seminary.

If you've never visited you should. It's a beautiful campus.

Kramer chapel is a must visit as well. 

Attending a chapel service in this place is fantastic. The voices of men when they sing in this building is amazing. We didn't realize how much we missed Kramer chapel until we attended a service again. Wow!

The organ is also a sight to behold. I haven't found an organ that can't beat this one yet!

While attending a chapel service my husband was reunited with Bishop Obare, whom he met in Houston a few years back. Our congregation helped raise funds so that Bishop Obare could purchase a reliable vehicle to visit his parishioners in Kenya.

A long time member of Zion is now a deaconess at the seminary. It has been so fun to see Kris grow and learn in our Lord's Word, and take the step to go back to school and become a deaconess. I just love her and it was great to see her again!

We even got to visit with old seminary friends! Rebecca and Cari were tiny babies when we attended the seminary. Look at them now!

Besides visiting with old friends we stopped by our old house. This was the very first house that my Lutheran Stud and I bought together. Sadly, when I peeked through the window it appeared that the house was vacant and trashed. We did a ton of work on the house so it was terrible to see it in that condition. We had a wonderful visit to Indiana. Unfortunately, all the fun had to end sometime.


Lauren said...

Oh, so many familiar faces. What a wonderful trip.

Adriane said...

Wow! And the Obares no less!

Heather said...

Your first house was so cute! That stinks that you put so much love into it and now it's being unappreciated. Looks like a fun trip though :)