Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Children Are Like Fish

_MG_2758.jpgAfter saying goodbye to friends in Minooka we kept trucking east. As we drove through a few corn fields our children began seeing a sight they've never seen, or remembered, before. They saw black buggies being pulled by horses. They were so confused and kept taking note everytime they saw a buggy rolling down the street. We then had to explain the Amish culture to them and they continued to get excited everytime they saw a buggy. As we rolled into the little town of Corunna it was like coming home again. The people at Zion Lutheran Church are like family to us, so after leaving almost 8 years ago it was great to return and see so many people that we haven't seen in years.
_MG_2732.jpgCarolyn has a pool on her property that normally closes after labor day, but when she heard we were coming she kept the people open just for us, and turned up the heat too.
_MG_2743.jpgIf you mention swimming to my children they go nuts. It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside they still want to swim.
_MG_2730.jpgWould you believe that it had been raining just before we arrived? We were about to give up on swimming when all of the sudden the rain stopped.
_MG_2726.jpgThe children made sure that we knew that the rain had stopped and begged us to go swimming, so we made it happen. I couldn't swim though. Just sitting outside was too cold for me.
_MG_2756.jpgIt's a strange thing because these children aren't cold, but as I sat there and watched them I was freezing.
_MG_2764.jpgThe diving board was a huge hit because we don't have one at our neighborhood pool.
_MG_2734.jpgWe don't have a slide either, so they all enjoyed it even though it wasn't as cool as the hotel slides.

_MG_2752.jpgMy tiny little fish loved the floaties they found in the pool shed.
_MG_2733.jpgCANON BALL!!!
_MG_2765.jpgAnna had to make sure that she wouldn't drown. The more floaties the better right? 

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Lauren said...

Oh, Anna. You're drowning in floaties! But you are still super cute.