Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Cousins Are Back In Town

_MG_1999.jpgThe end of August found us out visiting parks with my family.
_MG_1998.jpgA park near our house is a favorite of all of our children. There is so much to do at this park.
_MG_2008.jpgGeocaching is always on our list of things to do. 
_MG_2013.jpgThen we headed out for a walk around the lake.
_MG_2019.jpgAll the children have learned to pose when I pull out my camera.
_MG_2022.jpgWe found many sculptures on our walk.
_MG_2025.jpgI wasn't planning on photographing every scultpture, but when your children just climb and pose for you, without being told, you have to take a photo.
_MG_2028.jpgOk, I might have made them pose for this photo op.
_MG_2035.jpgWe found another geocache along the way. Rachel is the one who finds most of the geocaches. She has an amazing eye for it.
_MG_2042.jpgAnd we found one last sculpture on our way out of the park. 


Lauren said...

So many adorable children in one post! Love it!

Gretchen said...

I love how you've trained the kids to pose without even meaning to. So cute.