Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy 40th

_MG_2145.jpgAt the end of August we were invited to celebrate this fabulous lady's 40th birthday! Happy 40th birthday, Kellee! This photo totally makes you miss the 50s doesn't it? What? You weren't around in the 50s? Well, check out this party for a little glimpse back in time. _MG_2101.jpgI  know of only one person that is clever enough to spray paint a pair of shoes turquoise. That would be Kellee. Her sense of style is impeccable.
_MG_2178.jpgThen there's Laura. She's the mastermind behind this fabulous shindig. Laura and Kellee are an amazing team when they plan a party together, and by amazing I mean they come up with the best party ideas and no detail is ever overlooked.
_MG_2190.jpgWhen we walked into Laura's home this is what you see. The bunting says, "Happy Birthday." Vintage cake pans and muffin tins are what these ladies are all about.
_MG_2185.jpgTake a visit to the lavatory and you'll be greeted by Lawrence Welk. This just screams 1950s.
_MG_2168.jpgWe were spoiled by the open bar complete with bartender.
_MG_2110.jpgThe drinks came in all sorts of different flavors and beautiful glassware.
_MG_2176.jpgCanapés were served all evening long by lovely waitresses.
_MG_2148.jpgThings were hopping on the patio. It was the place to be.
_MG_2142.jpgThese dashing men were all sorts of handsome in their 50s clothing.
_MG_2138.jpgOf course it was all about Kellee and the ladies' outfits though. We could not have a more lovely friend to celebrate. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful friend who is willing make time out of her busy schedule to help me out, to decorate my house for me, to drink a cup of coffee with, and to listen to me complain about the world's problems. ;) I love you, Kel, and I'm so glad you live close enough to do all those things with me because if you weren't around I'd be a little lost. 
_MG_2199.jpgThis handsome young man asked me out, so I obliged and went home with him. 


Kellee said...

I love you too! Thanks for coming to my party, small friend.

Adriane said...

I love everybody too! And Kel, you still take the cake for the coolest party ever. Except maybe Scott's Rocky party. But this is a close second. :)

Lauren said...

Kellee and Scott are adorable, as are you, Jan and Jared. What a fun (and colorful!) night.

Briee said...

Such awesome pictures with such awesome people!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, this is the COOLEST party I've ever seen. The shoes! The dresses! Jan, your HAIR! I need to see like a thousand more pictures of this.