Monday, October 14, 2013

Final Game of 2013

_MG_2401.jpgAs my family was hopping on a plane to head home my Lutheran Stud and I packed our children up and headed to the ball field one last time. It was the perfect end to Elizabeth's birthday. I must mention that we did an illegal thing by taking my husband's pickup to the game. We piled 5 children into the cab of his pickup while 3 of us sat in the front seat. Yeah, my car wasn't cooperating in the way of starting up and we didn't want to miss the game, so what were we to do?
_MG_2406.jpgWe've been pretty blessed and spoiled by our church members this year. One, in particular, has season tickets to the Rockies. She will show up to church with an envelope of tickets and tell us to enjoy the game. When she found out that our children enjoy the games too, she handed me an envelope with 8 tickets inside. It was super sweet. As the season got worse for the Rockies they quit going to the games. We were able to take those tickets and trade them in for some pretty amazing seats. Our kids had a blast!
_MG_2407.jpgThis game in particular was pretty exciting. There are times when the game can be kind of slow and other times we see a lot of action. This hit here was by Michael Cuddyer. Can you see that tiny white dot above that player?
_MG_2408.jpgSometimes it can be tricky to judge the ball and one can run right into the wall and not know it. That's what happened to that poor fellow.
_MG_2409.jpgCuddyer did come up with a triple, so things were good for us but, 
_MG_2411.jpgnot so good for Pence. I think he ended up leaving the game.
_MG_2414.jpgThe hits continued during this game and Helton had a hitting streak going.
_MG_2415.jpgHe kept his streak alive with this home run.
_MG_2416.jpgWhen home runs are hit by the Rockies at Coors Field the fountains shoot up. We've taught our kids that this happens, so now they always ask about it and get really excited when it happens.
_MG_2417.jpgTodd Helton recently announced his retirement this season and the whole state of Colorado was a little sad when they heard the news. He's kind of a big deal around here. Helton has played his entire career with the Rockies organization. He will be greatly missed.
_MG_2425.jpgWe love this guy, Rosario, aka Baby Bull, too. When he makes it on base he always does this.
_MG_2431.jpgWith just a few innings left in the game a rain delay postponed the game for a short time.
_MG_2432.jpgThese fans were making a run for it while we were able to stay dry where we were. Our seats were just under the awning. Boy did we luck out.
_MG_2436.jpgThe game wasn't postponed for long. This special dirt sucks out all the moisture in the ground and soon the Rockies were off and playing again.
_MG_2450.jpgIt's always a good sign to see the high fives from teammates at the end of the game.
_MG_2452.jpgThe high fives mean it's a win for the Rockies!
IMG_6562The game began with the sun and heat blazing and ended with light cool breeze and some sprinkles on our walk back to the car. No one seemed to mind and the children can't wait for hte season to begin again next year!

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