Friday, October 4, 2013

Evening at the Ball Field

_MG_1895.jpgHave I mentioned how much we enjoy going to watch Rockies baseball at Coors Field? 
_MG_1920.jpgMy Lutheran Stud and I were able to get out for an evening, so we headed downtown for dinner, did a little shoping, and then walked over to the ball field just in time to catch the ball game.
_MG_1909.jpgThis guy, Arenado, hasn't been playing in the big leagues very long, but he has proved to be quite an asset both at the plate and in the field.
_MG_1923.jpgHe was running so hard that even his helmet couldn't keep up with him.
_MG_1924.jpgHe made it safely to third on this hit. See? He's pretty amazing.
_MG_1925.jpgThen he went on to score a run.
_MG_1928.jpgOne of our favorite players, Cuddyer didn't play most of this game. He came in to pinch hit when we were in a bind. Since he's on the older end for baseball players he is sort of like a mentor to the younger players.
_MG_1938.jpgTulo was called out and I'm not sure I agree with the umpire either. I totally would have glared at him too.
_MG_1952.jpgIn the end the Rockies lost, but it was a beautiful evening to be at the ball park and to watch some of our favorite players out in the field.

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