Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Carpenter Park

_MG_2217.jpgThe parks near our home are some of the best around. The nice thing is that we have a ton of parks to choose from and they're all really close to home. 
This particular park was recently remodeled and modern play equipment was added.
It's not just for small children. The play area is for children of all ages, young and old!

_MG_2220.jpgThis thing was like a boat ride at the amusement park.
_MG_2227.jpgThe little girls of the family enjoyed each other's company all over this playground.
_MG_2232.jpgI'm not sure why, but small children seem to love this see-saw-like toy.
_MG_2243.jpgThere was a large game of tag going on throughout this playround too.
_MG_2267.jpgThe boys made things difficult for person who was "it" by splitting up.
_MG_2272.jpgAgain, this playground, as well as this game, is for children of all ages!
_MG_2286.jpgA girl and her uncle trying to figure out this slide, or not slide contraption.
_MG_2288.jpgSwings also fill this playground and we filled them up with our children.
_MG_2291.jpgThe playground is huge and during the summer there is a carousel that runs on the weekends. 
_MG_2316.jpgThis park also houses sports fields and a little walking trail around a small lake. We went for a short walk around the lake. The clouds were pretty fantastic that evening.
_MG_2300.jpgThen with some weather in the area a rainbow popped out.
IMG_1962.jpgOf course we couldn't visit the park without looking for a geocache or two. How strange do they all look crawling around a parking lot?
_MG_2324.jpgIn the end we found the cache hidden in some rocks, disguised as a little rat. Yuck!
_MG_2359.jpgWe had a lovely time with the whole family visiting. It makes me we wish you all lived in Denver. ;)

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