Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Ordination

_MG_1594.jpgAttending the ordination of a new pastor is a beautiful thing. It brings pastors together and it brings the church together.
_MG_1609.jpgWhile we have seminarians graduating every year, an ordination is a rare thing to attend for most church members, so if you can attend one do it!
_MG_1613.jpgIt makes me smile to see that all of these pastors have come out to support and pray for their new fellow pastor.
_MG_1620.jpgTaking a vow into the office of the ministry is a difficult thing. I often think that the devil works even harder to bring down good pastors.
_MG_1623.jpgIt is difficult to find good pastors today. It takes a lot of work to care for the members of a church and to teach and pray for them.
_MG_1632.jpgThese men spent and will continue to spend many years studying scripture to bring God's Word to the people in their churches.
_MG_1635.jpgThey also bring us the sacraments through baptism and holy communion.
_MG_1645.jpgThis summer we were able to attend the ordination of Pastor Vanderhyde in Denver. It was wonderful. All of his children were in attendance as well as his father, also a pastor. 
_MG_1657.jpgWithout pastors where would we be? We'd be lost, so make sure to support your pastor and pray for him as he does for you.

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