Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Baby is 4

She requested a cupcake for lunch. Since today's her birthday why not right? Happy 4th birthday, Anna!We've been celebrating Anna's birthday all week! She turned 4 on Monday and with her dad hunting in the mountains we had a pretty low key day. She requested a cupcake for lunch, so we headed to our local Barnes and Noble where she got to pick out a free cupcake. (It's part of the Kids' Club program.)
_MG_2475.jpgWhen you're this young the anticipation of opening gifts is maddening.
_MG_2480.jpgYei called to say, "Happy birthday," but the conversation was cut short. There were other things on her mind. Normally, she'll talk your ear off.
_MG_2498.jpgDad returned home and guess what? We ended up having cupcakes and ice cream for lunch! You can't beat that right? 
_MG_2501.jpgNo worries, they were carrot cupcakes made with applesauce instead of sugar. That makes it super healthy right? Happy birthday, Anna!! We've had so much fun watching grow and listening to your crazy stories. We love you!

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Lauren said...

Carrot cupcakes with applesauce? What did she do to deserve that? Poor baby. I'll get her a REAL cupcake when she's here.