Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vacation Bible School

_MG_1662.jpgThe beginning of August was crazy fun with Vacation Bible School (VBS) going on at our church. The theme was Amazing Desert Journey by CPH. It was last year's program which made it great for us because we were able to borrow many items from area churches. Our coordinators are pretty amazing. They choose a curriculum, but then change just about everything in it. The only thing that gets left in it is the Bible lesson.
_MG_1755.jpgEvery morning began with chapel for everyone.
_MG_1732.jpgThen all the kids scattered and the church became quiet. Bible lessons were taught under tents in the desert, naturally.
_MG_1739.jpgI spent most of my time in crafts this year because, well, I love crafts!
_MG_1682.jpgAren't these preschoolers adorable? They were all pretty sweet kids. We had so much fun with them.
_MG_1727.jpgTemperatures were in the high 80s and low 90s, so I wasn't out watching the games much. It was too blasted hot to be outside. These children drank a ton of water that week.
_MG_1730.jpgOur teachers even had their own lessons every day taught by none other than my Lutheran Stud. 
_MG_1767.jpgLunch was served daily just before we sent the children home. On the last day all the parents were invited to join the children for lunch too.
_MG_1758.jpgLunch wouldn't be complete without dessert, so we had cupcakes of course, right? What a week! My children came home and were completely wiped out every single day. It was pretty awesome. They were so excited that they were waking up at 6am for VBS that didn't start until 9:30am. 


Gretchen said...

We did Desert Journey last year and did the tent lessons too! What a great idea to have the teachers meet for lessons, too. And I think you already know how I feel about your cupcakes.

Heather said...

Looks like you guys have a big turnout for VBS!

Yummy cupcakes :)