Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fun Continues

_MG_1303.jpgThe Andersons weren't gone for 5 hours before we had more guests arrive. We had a short, but sweet visit with the Preus family whom we've not seen in 4 years. They now have 5 children and we have 6. All of our children seem to share a common friend in age. It was great!
_MG_1305.jpgYou would think with 11 children in our home that it would be crazy loud, but it wasn't. Everyone was off playing with their new friends and we barely heard a peep  from anyone.
photo 1-1.jpgOne evening we took them to Boulder to our favorite pizza place, BeauJo's.
photo 2-1.jpgIt was great pizza and great company. We adults even had our own table since we told the wait staff to stick all the children together at their own table. ;) Smooth moves, right? We've had a  fun summer with a lot of visitors and have loved having y'all come visit us. Keep coming!

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