Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

IMG_9624.jpgRocky Mountain National Park has to be one of our favorite places to visit. We love it so much that we often take our friends and family there when they visit us. It was no different when the Andersons came for a visit.
_MG_1082.jpgWe thought it would be fun to take all of the children on a short hike.
_MG_1090.jpgThings started out well and the children were all excited.
_MG_1094.jpgThere was a lot to see and even some climbing was involved.
IMG_9655.jpgNot only did we carry our DSLR cameras we had our iPhones too. You never know when you might need all of that camera gear. ;)
_MG_1121.jpgThe little ones struggled a little along the way. They did a lot of walking with their short little legs. Jonah did have quite a view from his dad's shoulders.
_MG_1127.jpgThings were green and the mountains even had a little snow still on them.
_MG_1154.jpgThis was the bottom of a tree that was uprooted. It was huge!
_MG_1148.jpgWe took breaks often.
_MG_1158.jpgWe ended up stopping a little early for lunch because some stomachs were rumbling.
_MG_1151.jpgThere were many large rocks to climb. These two were inseparable.
_MG_1200-Edit.jpgWe even fit a few family pics into our itinerary.
_MG_1216-Edit.jpgI love this family! We had so much fun.
_MG_1224.jpgAnna loved picking grass and hamming it up for the camera.
_MG_1225.jpgIt was a long day for these little ones. They were troopers on our short long hike!
_MG_1254.jpgOnce we got back into our vehicles we decided to drive up Trail Ridge Road to see what we could see.
_MG_1273.jpgThe Alpine Center is a popular stop with some beautiful views. The elevation is more than double what it is in Denver. The air is a little thinner here.
_MG_1269-Edit.jpgThe green mountain views are pretty amazing.
_MG_1286.jpgPeople were often found along the side of the road checking out the wild life.
_MG_1280.jpgWe've been here several times, but this was the first time we saw mountain goats. That was so fun. We also saw some other wildlife so stay tuned. . .

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Erin said...

Jan! Is Rebecca standing on a rock or something? How did our oldest daughters grow up so fast?