Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our View Up to Higher Elevation

After our hike we got into our vehicles and drove the famous Trail Ridge Road. 

Elk can be found grazing all over the park.
We reached 11,000 feet and snow could be seen on the mountainside.

The higher you get in elevation the more rare it is to see flowers or trees growing. Trees are pretty much nonexistent while flowers have small window in which they grow.

There may not be any trees around, but things are green and lush the higher you get.


We even spotted a little lake in the middle of the mountains.

If I were a mountain goat I think I'd live here too. Check out the view these goats get to take in while they graze on the greens around them.

This little marmot (?) stopped traffic. I told Quinton to run it over, but he was too nice. ;)

Elk could be spotted all along the road. They were also a traffic stopper. Sometimes they'd cross the road right in front of you as you're driving.


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Adriane said...

Someone tell the government to get a "marmot crossing" sign out there before someone gets hurt!