Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He's Eight!

_MG_1793.jpgLast Friday, this boy turned 8 years old. While I know I say this every year it really is unbeliveable that Thomas is already 8.
_MG_1765.jpgHis birthday just happened to land on the last day that we held Vacation Bible School (VBS), so everyone sang to him and we celebrated with cupcakes.
IMG_4285.jpgThomas's first birthday was also celebrated at church! He had the perfect cake smash party with the VBS kids!
_MG_1802.jpgThis year was a bit more low key with mini celebrations over an entire weekend. Baseball has become his favorite sport and after a successful first season he was needing a new glove.
_MG_1804.jpgThis Snap Circuits set has been a huge hit for the whole family. If your're looking for a fun gift for a child that loves to build things you should check this out.
IMG_6467A trip to the Lego store was requested, so we made it happen. Thanks to Kellee for the Lego cookies. I had to bring a few with us to the store. (In case you were wondering the prices at the Lego store are the same as the prices at Target. My husband didn't believe me, so we had to go to Target and check out the Legos  there too. ;) )
_MG_1790.jpgJust days before Thomas's birthday his tooth popped out. Now he's got a goofy toothless grin and couldn't be happier. We've had a fun weekend celebrating this little boy. We love you, Thomas! 

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