Friday, August 16, 2013

Doing the Zoo

_MG_1306.jpgIn the midst of all of the craziness this summer we had a slow week, so we headed to the zoo.
_MG_1314.jpgA new snow leopard was born recently. Isn't she cute?
_MG_1311.jpgI'm definitely not an editor, but I do know a little grammar and I think this sign has a small problem. Can you spot it?
_MG_1319.jpgThe giraffes are always a big hit with our children, so we never skip seeing them.
_MG_1323.jpgInsead of bending their knees to reach for something they practically do the splits to reach something on the ground. Isn't that funny?
_MG_1325.jpgThe polar bear was more active than usual. Normally he's taking a nap when we stroll by.
_MG_1328.jpgThat bear didn't look this big did it?
_MG_1336.jpgNo comment. I'll let you caption these camels with their floppy humps.
_MG_1338.jpgIt's nap time for these guys. Does this look comfortable to you?
_MG_1350.jpgHow about sitting like this? 
_MG_1360.jpgThe heat was on while we were at the zoo. It had to be close to 90 degrees that day. A dip in the water would have cooled us off nicely, but I don't think the elephant wanted to share his pool with us.
_MG_1362.jpgThis elephant stayed in that water all afternoon. He didn't even need to come up for air. He just stuck his trunk up a few times.
_MG_1371.jpgElephant ears!
_MG_1379.jpgI love watching the gibobons cross the bridge on their ropes, but I lalso love watching the spectators below. People watching is a favorite past time of mine.
_MG_1383.jpgI'm not sure that I've ever seen this hippo out of the water. I had no idea they were such a wide load, did you?
_MG_1392.jpgI'm that mom! I love making my children pose on sculptures and photographing them. As long as they get to climb on something they don't mind humoring me.
_MG_1407.jpgI asked this brown bear to pose and smile and he did.
_MG_1420.jpgThis guy began teaching some weird propaganda, so I stepped in and rescued them after he told them the  earth was millions of years old.
_MG_1459.jpgThe children were pretty confident in their jumping abilitles, so they had to see what animal they matched up with.
_MG_1508.jpgWe ended the day watching a hyena demonstration.
_MG_1512.jpgAnna was so scared that the hyena was inside with us that should wouldn't even look at the hyena. That was a great way to end the trip to the zoo for us. Everyone was wiped out and ready for a nap. 

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Eva Stephen said...

I am new to your blog and loving it here! looking forward to visiting often with my cup of coffee! I cant help complimenting how warm and full of love your blog is. Its inspirational seeing you raise such beautiful kids! Wish you all the best for everything!
Have a great day!