Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Years

BabyIIt's been 5 years since this tiny little girl entered our lives. 
HatRainbowShe was our smallest little baby and slow to grow as an infant too.
_MG_2348.jpgElizabeth turned 5 on Monday and she's still the petite little one in our family. 
_MG_2341.jpgWhen she's not grumpy and throwing a tantrum, she's super talkative, fun, and loves to model in front of the camera for me. Her knowledge in math is pretty amazing considering I haven't really done any formal school with her. She loves her workbooks and they keep her pretty busy.
New 5 year old in the house today!!

She requested s'mores cupcakes for her birthday.
She's a natural when comes to blowing out candles. ;)
_MG_2382.jpgHer twin cousin, Lola, was even in town to celebrate with her. Lola is celebrating her 5th birthday today! Happy birthday, Lola.
_MG_2379.jpgElizabeth was pretty excited to have family in town to celebrate with her and our family was quite pleased with her cupcake choice.
_MG_2387.jpgOur visitors hopped on a plane shortly after enjoying their cupcakes, so we opened a few gifts later that afternoon.

Then it was off to the Rockies game one last time this season. More on that later.
_MG_2452.jpgWe got to enjoy a lovely evening at the ball field and witness the Rockies win! It was a great birthday for Elizabeth. Now she wants to go shopping to spend all of the birthday money she received. Happy birthday, Elizabeth. We love you!!

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