Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things Are Growing

IMG_5977Crazy schedules have left little time for us to tend to our garden this year. Since the garden is green I suppose things are still growing though.
IMG_5975Every year I always tell myself that I'm going to stay ahead of the weeds and every year the weeds seem to overtake our poor crops. Our kale has been plentiful and it's become one of our favorites since it grows well and keeps well in the fridge. I've made kale chips and that has been a win-win here since my kids love them! If you're near our church be sure stop by and get some. We have tons.
IMG_5980Our corn is looking beautiful. Not even the weeds have been able to keep up though they have tried. Last year something happened and our corn didn't grow at all. This year I'm excited to see how it turns out.
IMG_5978This bush is full of cute peppers that I think are ready to be eaten.
IMG_5979I even have some bell peppers this year.
IMG_5982Anna picked some onions for us since they were calling her name. "Mom, this one wants to be picked. Can I pick it?"
IMG_5985It's a slow go for our zucchini, but they're almost ready!
IMG_5984This one is ready. We can't wait to start eating them only to be sick of them in another month or so. :)
IMG_5871We planted beets early in the season, but they never came up. The other day I found this guy hiding out with some tomatoes. Then I noticed a couple more that will be ready soon. Yay!

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