Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rockies with Kids

_MG_0551.jpgI got an email a few weeks ago from the Rockies saying that they were having a special on tickets for $4.10. Back in April there was a snowstorm and one of the games had to be cancelled. (We had tickets to that game, btw.) The makeup game was set for June 27 at 4:10pm, so the Rockies decided to have a special ticket sale. My friend Leon texted me to see if I had received that email. They were thinking of going to the game too!
IMG_5695After texting and talking to my Lutheran Stud we decided to bring all of the kids to the game. They love the Rockies as much as we do. I mean we've brainwashed them to believe it anyway. ;)
_MG_0556.jpgOne thing we hadn't really thought about was that the game was on the very day that my older girls and Lutheran Stud were returning from the Catechism Retreat. That meant that they had to go straight to the game upon their return. There was no time to go home and shower and change. Oops!
_MG_0558.jpgThe game started out well enough. Michael Cuddyer had a 20-something hitting streak going and we got to witness the extension of that hitting streak.
_MG_0560.jpgTodd Helton then came up and had a nice hit after Cuddy got his hit.
_MG_0562.jpgTodd, aka Todd Father, hit Cuddy in and we were winning!
_MG_0568.jpgLater that inning Rosario, aka Baby Bull, also scored.
_MG_0570.jpgWe had some pretty good seats with a fine view of one of our favorite players, Michael Cuddyer, aka Cuddy.
_MG_0584.jpgDid I mention that it was super hot at the game? It was 95 degrees! We were lucky to be sitting in the shade, but could still feel the sweat dripping off of us._MG_0574.jpgThe usher lady in our section was kind enough to spray people with her squirt bottle when people sitting in the sun got too hot.
IMG_5685My Lutheran Stud bought me a purple margarita to cool off. It's my go-to drink when we are at Coors Field.
_MG_0576.jpgI can't imagine wearing that baseball uniform and standing the in that heat.
IMG_5786My friend Lisa came by for a visit during the game.
IMG_5697All of our children were getting a little antsy, so they got to visit for awhile. It was maybe a couple degrees cooler along the concourse.
_MG_0608.jpgNow back to the game. This is where things turned for the worse. The Mets hit a home run and we never recovered from it.
_MG_0612.jpgWe tried and tried to make a come back, but it just didn't happen. I did capture some fun action shots though, don't you think?
IMG_5702The Mets won the game 3-2 and we left the game bummed, hot, sweaty, and tired from the heat. Here's to a better outcome next time.

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