Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mission in Siberia

Last week we were blesed with a visit from Professor Ludwig and his lovely wife, Patricia. Professor Ludwig is currently a missionary serving in Novosibirsk, Siberia in Russia. He has been teaching at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Novosibirsk, Russia for 13 years. He came and preached a fabulous sermon filled with just the right amount of law followed by the great gospel we all long to hear. 

Enjoying our time with the Ludwigs. @gretchenroberts wish you could be here too.My Lutheran Stud and Professor Ludwig originally came to know each other when my Lutheran Stud would go back to his uncle's farm, in South Dakota, and help out during the summers when he was in high school. Professor Ludwig was the pastor of two small churches in Cresbard and Wecota, South Dakota. My husband attended Condcordia Lutheran Church in Cresbard.
Chile1.jpgSome things transpired in college that lead my Lutheran Stud to attend Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. A year later Prof. Ludwig and Patricia's daughter,Gretchen, arrived at CTS when her husband, Derek began attending the seminary as well. We soon became friends and it all goes to show that the Lutheran world is really small. To make things even crazier we, along with Derek and Gretchen were called? to plant a church in Santigago, Chile. Well, that never happened (long story), but we did get to visit Chile when I was almost 8mths pregnant. Okay, enough of the tangent, right? You want to hear about our fun visit with the Ludwigs.
_MG_0720.jpgProfessor Ludwig had many wonderful things to share with us about his time in Siberia.
_MG_0726.jpgPatricia even shared some great memories she's had there as well.
_MG_0728.jpgThe slide show was quite fascinating. It was so nice to see the wonderful things the Lord has done in Siberia through Professor Ludwig. Men in Siberia, as well as other parts of Eurasia, are becoming pastors because Professor Ludwig has been a stable teacher to them all. If you or your church is looking for a great mission to support this would be it. You can check out Professor Ludwig's Mission HERE. You can subscribe to his monthly newsletter and/or supoort him financially directly on his site. Please consider checking it out. It's a great mission.
@gretchenroberts you look just like your mom.Before sending the Ludwigs off we had to have the famous Melius pancakes for lunch! We had a wonderful time visiting and I'm trying to convince Patricia to move here now. Oh, and Gretchen, go visit your mother. She misses you, Derek, and all of your children. :)


Gretchen said...

My dad just raved about Jared and what a great pastor he is, and he called you "amazing" (I agreed). They both had a wonderful time. I sooooo want to visit my mom! I'm constantly monitoring flights and scheming out cross-country road trips. The latest idea is to take two full weeks and drive out and do sightseeing along the way, if I can convince Derek that driving across the country with three kids will be fun. Stay tuned.... :)

JAN said...

Gretchen, your mom told me I was a lot like you except that I homeschool my children. I'm totally taking that as a compliment because I definitely lack in many skills that I adore you for having.

A cross country trip would be awesome if you guys would stop here along the way. Maybe we could even road trip to Washington with. ;)