Friday, July 26, 2013

Beating the Heat

_MG_0750.jpgA few weeks ago I photographed Kel's kitchen. It was featured on another blog. Check it out HERE.
_MG_0832.jpgIf just so happens that our weather has been in the 90s lately and pretty much unbearable if you don't have AC, so we took all of the children to the splash park after our quick photo session.
_MG_0841.jpgThe children never seem to tire of this place. It's a great way too cool off.
_MG_0843.jpgThe water does seem to sneak up on you at times.
Splash park for a 95 degree day!After becoming prunes they began to get a little cold which Kel and I couldn't understand because we were sweating.
_MG_0850.jpgThey decided to take a break from te water and hit up the playground.
_MG_0855.jpgThe sand pit was pretty entertaining too.
_MG_0856.jpgThen there was the sound of a whistling. . .

IMG_5915  IMG_5916
It was time to cool off again, so we made a little pit stop for ice cream.
IMG_5919   IMG_5920
There were some animals waiting for children to catch a ride.
IMG_5921Tennis golf was also there. Then a creeper showed up and I quickly loaded my children up and off we went. :)

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Kellee said...

I am just now finally reading this! Your commentary cracks me up. Thanks again for the really awesome pictures!