Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Short Hike. . .

_MG_0172.jpgI think one of the highlights on our little Breckenridge getaway was this little hike that turned into an all morning affair. We headed out in the morning thinking we'd be back in time for a pancake brunch. That brunch turned into a late afternoon lunch in town. Yikes! 
IMG_5838.jpgWe drove in as far as possible on what felt like a jeep trail. Then we came upon what looked like an avalanche and had to park our vehicles. The road was supposed to continue, but was covered in snow.
_MG_0193.jpgIt was tricky getting across all the snow. You never knew if your footing was solid. One minute you were walking along just fine and the next minute your foot was stuck in a hole that was knee deep.
IMG_5850.jpgThe trail was pretty snowy in many areas while other areas were just dirt and rocks. It was hard to gauge what was going to come next. I think that's how our short 3 mile hike took a few hours longer than we expected.
_MG_0205.jpgThere were gorgeous views and waterfalls all along our trail.
_MG_0207.jpgWe witnessed a lot of gushing water due to all the late snow melting.



_MG_0219.jpgOur first stop was this little lake.
IMG_0060The terrain became increasingly steeper as we got closer and closer to our destination.
_MG_0249.jpgEverytime we looked up the view just took our breath away. It was pretty incredible.
IMG_5953.jpgHigher and higher we went.
_MG_0251.jpgMy cell reception was spotty and Rebecca was trying to text me.
IMG_5924.jpgWe made it! Kind of. At this point a few cousins decided to sit tight and relax while the rest of us trudged on to Mohawk Lake.
IMG_0064We saw this waterfall from way down below. It was a pretty incredible sight to see up close.
IMG_0067We spotted a cross on the mountain. That's never a good sign.
_MG_0263.jpgMe and my Lutheran Stud!
_MG_0265.jpgIt could not have been a more beautiful day for a hike.
_MG_0266.jpgWe finally arrived at  Lower Mohawk Lake and it was frozen, but still beautiful.
_MG_0273.jpgWe made it! Can you tell that they are all related-minus me of course. ;) I was the only "outlaw" to make the entire trek. The hike back down the mountain was much easier and quicker than the way up. It was a gorgeous hike and if you're in the area be sure vist Mohawk Lake.


Lauren said...

Did you hike in heels this time? Oh wait. I think I spot tennis shoes.

And why is a cross on a mountain a bad sign?

Gretchen said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous. I keep telling Derek that if I could take pictures like you we could actually remember all the tree types in the Smokies. I can't believe there's so much snow yet! And you in a sleeveless shirt.