Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Garden

IMG_0010Besides all the weeds that are quickly taking over our garden things are looking pretty good, considering the late start we had in planting it.
IMG_0005We had a late spring snow storm and along with time we were late with the planting of our garden.
IMG_0004It's coming along nicely though. The onions have pulled through this heat.
IMG_0003We even have some corn this year. Hopefully it will be knee high by the 4th of July.
IMG_0001Our kale was looking pretty pathetic a few weeks ago, but now it's been great. We've been eating quite a bit of it too! Kale chips are on my list of things to make.
IMG_0008Our beans seem a little sparse and that might be because the weeds are trying to take over. Oh my! The weeds are horrible.
IMG_0007We have a thick showing of volunteer carrots this year. 
IMG_0012I pulled one out of the ground to see how it looked. We'll be picking carrots soon!
IMG_0018We even planted a smaller garden at home. My lovely husband picked up some peppers for me since I kept saying, "I wish we could plant some peppers."
IMG_0016Isn't this bell pepper adorable?
IMG_0017I don't actually know what kind of pepper this is, but it looks like it will taste great in some salsa.
IMG_0021As I was digging out all the weeds I founds some tomatoes. Yay! There are a lot more goodies growning in our garden. We'll have to say that for next time!

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