Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Distillery

IMG_0078We've enjoyed visiting the local brewery and whiskey distillery in the Denver area, so when we found a distillery in Breckenridge we thought our cousins would enjoy as well!
IMG_0077We started things off with a shot of whiskey. Then out of nowhere Nikki's former student walks in. What? This kid who grew up in South Dakota now works at The Breckenridge Distillery. What are the chances? And, his parents were in town too. They were bottling whiskey.
IMG_0080By this point we've had a few shots and I can't really remember what this thing does, but it looks cool, right? 
IMG_0079This is where it all begins. The whiskey begins in this thing and then moves on to the copper thing above. Got that?
IMG_0082It happened to be our lucky day as they were bottling whiskey that evening. We got to watch how it all goes down.
IMG_0083Then we got a little sampling of chocolate sauce infused with bourbon. It was quite good and perhaps a fabulous topping for ice cream.
IMG_0084The guys then tried something that was 160 proof. Nikki and I declined.
IMG_0085If you're in Breckenridge totally check out this distillery. It's really laid back and so fun!

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