Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rockies With Cousins

_MG_0316.jpgWe said goodbye to a few of our cousins and then headed to the Rockies game with a few other cousins.
_MG_0320.jpgJorge De La Rosa was our pitcher. I don't think this was his best outing, but he certainly did okay. It ended up being a heavy hitting game for both sides.
_MG_0339.jpgThat made the game really fun, but also nervre-racking.
_MG_0353.jpgWe had a pretty substantial lead, but then, all of the sudden, it was gone.
_MG_0360.jpgAngela, this is for you! I think the tooth won this race.
_MG_0376.jpgThis is Jason and Angela. What a hoot, right? It was the 7th inning stretch, so we were having a little fun.
_MG_0378.jpgHere's our crew. We missed the rest of the cousins that couldn't join us. You missed out on an awesome game!
_MG_0379.jpgWe ended up in extra innings. Can you believe it? The Rockies totally blew their lead.
_MG_0384.jpgIn the bottom of the 10th, Arenado came through with a walk off home run to win the game! Whew! That was a close. The outcome was fantastic and we all went home happy.

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