Sunday, June 30, 2013

Father's Day

_MG_0409.jpgSome people might spend their Father's Day with their children. We didn't. Can you guess what we did?
IMG_5490We were invited to the Rockies game long before we realized that it was Father's Day. All we knew was that it was Walt Weiss Bobble head Day. Thankfully, we have some pretty awesome friends who offered to watch our children. (Thank you Wolfmuellers!) Our friends Leon and 
IMG_5488Gina invited us to the game, along with their daughters. Gina is a big Walt Weiss fan, so Leon wanted to make sure she got a bobble head.
IMG_5498Last year we all went to the Rockies game together and it was Todd Helton t-shirt day. Guess what all 4 of us wore to the game?
IMG_5478On the way to our seats we picked up some beverages from the best bar at the stadium--The Camerana Loft. Also, on our way to our seats we were stopped by a Rockies giveaway gal. She wanted to upgrade our seats to a suite. What? We turned it down since we were sitting with Leon and Gina. We were promptly scolded by them for not taking the seat upgrade, but it was more fun hanging out with them and the view wasn't too bad either.
_MG_0427.jpgThe Rockies are celebrating their 20th year as a team together this year, so there have been lots of reminiscing of past years, giveaways, and ticket discounts this year.
_MG_0428.jpgOur new favorite player lately has been this guy, Nolan Arenado. Unfortunately, I caught him making an error, which is rare. We love him because of the outstanding plays he makes from 3rd base.
_MG_0435.jpgCuddyer is also a favorite player of ours and right now he's on a 26 game hitting streak!
_MG_0449.jpgHere's another teeth race pic for you Angela! I think the toothpaste won this time.
_MG_0451.jpgChacin has always been my Lutheran Stud's favorite Rockies' pitcher. He was on fire during this game. He pitched 8 innings before they pulled him out.
_MG_0453.jpgThere were some great catches made by our team as well.
_MG_0455.jpgCuddyer gets the last out of this inning!
_MG_0464.jpgThere was even a home run in the game to make things more exciting.
_MG_0466.jpgWhen a Rockie hits a home run the fountains shoot up. It doesn't take much to get a person excited around here.
_MG_0479.jpgThe Rockies pull off a win and we all went home pretty happy! How was your Father's Day?


Colleen said...

Besides our friends the Halls, you might be the Rockies number one fans...

JAN said...

We are crazy Rockies fans, Colleen. It's the only reason we have a TV.