Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Breckenridge Fun

IMG_5679.jpgOn the morning of our first full day in Breckenridge, Angela, Laura, and I decided to take a little walk in the brisk 33 degrees.
_MG_0144.jpgOur walk had gorgeous scenery everywhere we turned.
_MG_0143.jpgWe were surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
_MG_0137.jpgJust below the home in which we stayed was the golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.
IMG_0010The men spent the day at the lovely golf course with the mountains as their backdrop. It was rough on them, but they felt like it was their duty to golf here. They didn't even get kicked off the course, so that was a good day!
_MG_0151.jpgWe, ladies, spent the day in town checking out some lovely shops and taking in the view every time we walked out of a shop.
_MG_0150.jpgOne of my favorite shops was this cute little fabric/craft shop called Magical Scraps. It really did feel magical in there. There were cute fabrics and crafty cuteness everywhere.
IMG_5697.jpgAfter a ton of shopping we worked up an appetite, so we stopped in at Kenosha's for lunch on the patio.
IMG_5706.jpgThe food was great, so check it out when you're in Breck!
_MG_0153.jpgWe returned home from shopping to find a little package waiting for us on the doorstep. Our cousin Adam, unfortunately at the last minute couldn't make it out, so he sent us the world's best brisket from his digs in Texas. It did not disappoint. More on that later.
IMG_5726.jpgSince the brisket was still frozen we headed out to Ollie's Pub for some grub and fun.
IMG_5750.jpgWe all took turns in the photobooth too!
IMG_0039This creeper guy even showed up and took pics of us in the photo booth. Crazy, right? Just kidding. Our lovely husbands know how camera/photo crazy we ladies are, so they help the cause as often as they can.
IMG_5799.jpgThe weather could not have been more perfect for an evening out on the town!

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