Friday, June 21, 2013

An Evening In With the Brisket and More!

IMG_5965.jpgAfter returning from our visit to The Breckenridge Distillery, we came back and cooked up a feast. 
IMG_5966.jpgWhen we began planning this reunion Adam couldn't stop talking about how fabulous this Texas brisket was and how he was going to bring it with him. It was sure to smell like heaven and the drippings were like liquid gold. With a brisket like that one wouldn't even need BBQ sauce and the taste should be fantastic. The brisket did not disappoint. 
IMG_0088Well, Adam ditched us at the last minute, but sent a brisket to us anyway by way of FedEx. It was just as good as he described and we sent him a photo to thank him.
IMG_5972.jpgWe also celebrated Nikki's big birthday!! John and Michael picked out the cake. It was perfect for our mountain getaway, don't you think?
_MG_0297.jpgThen came a little Face Time . . . 
_MG_0300.jpgwith Adam, who was stuck in Texas, "working." Thanks for the brisket, Adam! It was fabulous and it was fun to catch up even if it was just brief and over Face Time.

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Gretchen said...

Love the thank-you pic. Ryan and David look a little PO'd. Was that the "serious Melius face"?