Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun in the Sun

_MG_9775.jpgOur snowy spring seems to have jumped straight to summer with a side of thunderstorms.  It has gotten difficult to stay indoors with the sun shining so brightly. 
_MG_9797.jpgWe decided to pack up a lunch, head to the park, and do a little exploring.
_MG_9776.jpgThis playground was pretty fun.
_MG_9782.jpgThis girl loves the swing!
_MG_9805.jpgDavid's getting a little help from Rebecca since he can't reach the spinner thing. This could make you dizzy quickly.
Anna still gets scared to go down the slide by herself.


_MG_9823.jpgOreos for dessert!
_MG_9830.jpgTime to leave the park and do a little geocaching.
_MG_9831.jpgWe have trails all around our home. It's great for bike rides, runs, and exploring. 
_MG_9833.jpgThis is a fake rat with a geocache attached to it. Yuck, right? It's a good thing I have children who aren't afraid of rodents and other insects. I never would have reached my hand in there.
_MG_9837.jpgThe landscaping along the trail is quite fun for everyone. There's track with this old wagon thingy.
_MG_9839.jpgYou can pump yourself along the track. . . or lift your sister up.
_MG_9840.jpgI've been practicing a little landscpe photography. More on that another time.

_MG_9853.jpgYou might think this is an ordinary tree, but take a closer look.
_MG_9852.jpgThat isn't a real pinecone. I'm sure that during pinecone season it might be a little more difficult to find, but when there is just one pinecone on the whole tree it makes it pretty easy.
_MG_9856.jpgOur last cache brought us to this view.
_MG_9861.jpgRachel has the best eye in our family. She seems to find most of the caches.
_MG_9865.jpgThey were super tiny caches on this hunt, but still a ton of fun. Now we're off to make it home before the storm rolls in.


Lauren said...

What a fun outing, Jan. Do you do this by yourself or is Jared along on this trip? Geocaching looks like such a wonderful thing to do as a family.

JAN said...

Normally we all go together, but that day we were just going to go to the park and ride bikes. We just ended up geocaching on the side. ;)