Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Duck On a Bike

_MG_9486.jpgColorado has a literacy program, One Book 4 Colorado, to get children reading at a young age. The book chosen this year is Duck On a Bike. I'll admit that I hadn't heard of the book, so naturally, I was curious about it. Word on the street was that the author Daivd Shannon was coming for story time.
_MG_9467.jpgWe weren't the only ones who had heard of his visit. Nevertheless, the children had a great time. 
_MG_9461.jpgHe asked questions and when I thought David wasn't listening he raised his hand. Maybe he's a good multi-tasker.
_MG_9464.jpgNot only was it story time for us, but they did a live web cast so people everywhere could watch too. The book was pretty entertaining and our children have been reading it daily to each other. 
_MG_9470.jpgIf you haven't heard of Duck On a Bike either, perhaps you've heard of the book called No, David! I can't say I was a huge fan of that book, but now that I've heard the story behind it, I kind of love it. It's pretty much all about my boys. :)
_MG_9474.jpgAfter story time Mr. Shannon taught the kids how to draw David. My children have been practicing their artistic skills lately.
_MG_9476.jpgEach of our children received a book and got them autographed too! The David in the No, David! book is actually David Shannon himself. My David is checking out the resemblance between the book character and the author.
_MG_9478.jpgWe were treated to duck cookies for a snack!
_MG_9480.jpgCraft time was also a huge hit.
_MG_9481.jpgWe invited Eisley and Violet to join us. 
_MG_9483.jpgRather than make a craft, Rachel was all about a duck scavenger hunt around the Anythink Library
_MG_9484.jpgThe ducks were pretty cute.
_MG_9485.jpgAnna didn't want any help and figured out how to make her duck all on her own. Adorable, right? Now you all need to check out Duck On a Bike. Run, don't walk. It's a fun little book. You can check out the live stream, which isn't live anymore, HERE. My children keep begging me to watch it everyday. They loved it!


ps3 jailbreak said...

I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

Lauren said...

How fun! We've not read Duck on a Bike but we have read the No, David book. What a great outing!

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Gretchen said...

Sophia just read No David to me the other night. Can't say I was a fan bit Duck on a Bike looks worth checking out. Fun day!

Heather said...

This was such fun, and you can't beat free books!

Thanks for inviting us :)