Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Grandparents Are in Town. . .

_MG_0220.jpgit's rare for me to have my camera out. Can you believe it? My parents each have their own cameras and they aren't afraid to use them. This is one of the few shots I actually took with my camera while they were here. The rest of the photos, below, I imported from their cameras.
IMG_4056There was a lot of reading going on while they were here, not just in English, but in Thai as well.
IMG_4070My parents are like the paparazzi in Hollywood.
IMG_4182My dad liked to come up with drawing games to keep the children busy.
IMG_4082There was plenty of eating going on too.
IMG_4163Anna began practicing to be a hair dresser.
IMG_4165Or maybe she's going to be a doctor instead.
IMG_4164Well, maybe, who knows. :)
IMG_4135Braids were almost a daily thing for the girls.
IMG_0847A lot of posed photos were taken on this sofa.
IMG_0557Let's just say there wasn't a shortage on the photos while my parents were in town. 


Lauren said...

Your dad is such a trooper. I love that look on Anna's face while she examines your dad's head. And the way that Rebecca looks at your mom while Anna is getting her hair done is sweet too.

Yay for grandparents!

Colleen said...

That picture of your Dad making a face while the girls do his hair is PRICELESS! I actually laughed out loud!

Susie's Heart said...

These are adorable! I always love seeing your photos!