Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Did the Zoo. . . Again

_MG_0110.jpgThe zoo is always a fun place to visit. You never know what you'll see the animals doing on a certain day, at a certain time. They're very unpredictable. When we arrived at the lion exhibit this lioness was roaring at something. Normally, all of the lions are just laying around taking a nap. We don't usually see much movement out of them.
IMG_0658Since the elephant exhibit is new to us we're still exciting to see all of the new things there.
IMG_0659Several years ago the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, remodeled their elephant exhibit. Since the elephants had come from Thailand my mom was asked to help translate the signs, around the exhibit at the zoo.
IMG_0686When we first visited the Denver Zoo after the new elephant exhibit opened there was Thai everywhere. When I told my parents, they made it a request to visit the zoo while they were in town and it didn't disappoint!
_MG_0115.jpgThe tigers were a little feisty during this visit. Unfortunately, my camera settings were a little off since we were outside just minutes before, and I forgot to change my settings. This tiger jumped on the glass. He was trying to break free, but he failed.
_MG_0118.jpgHe wasn't too happy about that.
IMG_0713Benches are great places for photo opportunities. 
IMG_0762I'm on my way to check out those crazy apes with my great son!
IMG_0775Did I mention that benches make for a great photo op?
_MG_0203.jpgAnd, when one person sits many are bound to follow.
IMG_0776Anna is a mama's girl. She doesn't like to share me with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is our moody little one. She was upset because she didn't want to be in the photo above. Then she was upset because she did want to be in the photo above.
_MG_0209.jpgSo, we found another bench and Elizabeth was able to be part of the photo.
IMG_0768I have to wear heels to stay taller than Rebecca.
_MG_0211.jpgI love taking photos of my mom taking photos. It just cracks me up. I don't know why.
_MG_0157.jpgThis is the first time I have ever seen the rhinos up on four legs at the zoo. Maybe it's because he has room to roam now? Some of the rhinos now share a home with the elephants.
_MG_0179.jpgI had a stare down with this guy.
_MG_0181.jpgThe great ape didn't seem to be in a good mood that day.
_MG_0141.jpgThis guy swinging on the rope also has a new home. He now swings from rope to rope while we walk underneath him. 
My mom shot some video of him almost dropping his popsicle on us.
IMG_4094These two got to ride in style most of the day.
IMG_4116Rebecca is taller than Yei and Rachel isn't far behind!
IMG_0797The zoo is always a great place to go when you want to get out of the house. We always have a great time there.

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Gretchen said...

How did Rebecca get so tall?!? Gorgeous pictures, as always. Is your Zoo free? Ours costs roughly the same as a house down payment so we never get to go.