Friday, April 19, 2013

The Big Snow

_MG_0227.jpgA few weeks ago a major storm/blizzard was predicted for our area. There was so much hype about it that school districts canceled school and activities. When the storm actually arrived there was hardly any snow. It seems that activities were canceled for no reason. Fast forward a few weeks and the meteorologists again put snow in the forecast. This time, however, we were told we would only get about 4 inches. The snow arrived and came down like crazy all day long.
_MG_0230.jpgAfter receiving several inches of snow the meteorologists began changing their snow predictions to fit the snow that we were receiving. Either way we ended up with a lot more snow than what they had predicted. We ended up with over a foot of snow when werwoke up the next morning. 
_MG_0234.jpgSchool was never canceled. We figured it would be the perfect time to go sledding since the snow was fresh and kids were in school.
_MG_0246.jpgThe only problem we ran into was that the snow was deep and there were no tracks in the snow yet.

_MG_0251.jpgWe had to create some tracks.
_MG_0261.jpgThis little one wanted to go sledding so badly, but when we actually let her sit on a sled she wouldn't go near it.



_MG_0288.jpgThis little girl loved to just lay around like she was on the beach or something. It made me cold just watching her.
_MG_0289.jpgWe decided to head to another, steeper hill.
_MG_0299.jpgMaking tracks!
_MG_0310.jpgThomas liked chasing everyone down the hill.
_MG_0313.jpgThrowing snowballs happened too.
Picking up speed in the deep snow was a little difficult.


After a cold morning we returned home to get warmed up. Hammond's Candies makes some pretty fun stir sticks.
_MG_0328.jpgPeppermint hot chocolate was a huge hit! Hopefully that was the last of the snow for this spring. While I loved the snow or moisture (as people call it around here), I'm ready for the sun to return and stay! We've got a garden to plant.

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