Friday, April 26, 2013

Pumpkin Muffin Donut Holes

_MG_9599.jpgI am always looking for new recipes to try. Lauren made these cute little donuts and when I looked in my pantry for all of the ingredients and found ALL of them I figured I'd try them out too! They were very loved by my children and super easy to make.
_MG_9593.jpgI wanted to make them bite size for the children, so made little minis.
_MG_9592.jpgI also made a few bigger donuts. They turned out quite nicely.
_MG_9594.jpgPerhaps the reason they were so loved was because they were dipped in a bowl of melted butter,
_MG_9596.jpgor maybe, because after they were dipped in butter they were smashed into a cinnamon and sugar mixture. It was sweetness heaven right there.
_MG_9599.jpgThe problem with these cute little donuts are that you won't be able to eat just one since they're so small. Before you know you've eaten 11 and by that time you might as well eat the whole batch because why not? You've already ruined all the work you did in your last workout. Now go on and try these lovely donuts. I hope that you'll love them just as much as I do.
Pumpkin Muffin Donut Holes Recipe


Heather said...

Those look yummy Jan!

Lauren said...

So delish. I might need to go make some myself!