Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow and Eggs

_MG_9879.jpgAnother big storm was predicted for this past weekend. Since the last storm was a dud we didn't think this storm was going to be too big either, so we made plans with friends. This storm ended up being as big as they said it would be. We ended up with a foot of snow by the end of the day. Our plans with our friends were canceled. It was a good thing too because they would have been sitting in this and probably never would have made it to our house.
_MG_9887.jpgOur children were pretty disappointed that their friends couldn't come over, but they soon got over it when they got to go outside.
_MG_9891.jpgHow can you not have fun when the snow comes up to your knees?
_MG_9896.jpgThis is table in which all of my snow measurements get taken. The children call it the "cake table."
_MG_9902.jpgI have no idea why, but my children always feel the need to swim in the snow. Nothing makes me feel more cold than seeing them laying and swimming in the snow. It's like they're at the pool or something.
_MG_9905.jpgAfter their fun in the snow we decided it would be the perfect day to dye Easter eggs, since that was our orignal plan anyway.

_MG_9914.jpgWaiting is so hard when you're 3 years old.



_MG_9921.jpgWe added some glitter to a few eggs too!

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