Saturday, March 16, 2013

Is It Almost Spring?

_MG_9646.jpgDaylight savings hasn't been too good for us. It has made our children a little grumpy, so on Monday, we decided we needed to get them out of the house and into a little sun. 
Thank you @rootsports_rm. We are finally going to the zoo today!During the last Rockies season I won a zoo pass from Root Sports, the TV staion that broadcasts the Rockies' games. We hadn't had the chance to make it to the Denver Zoo, so we figured Monday was the perfect day._MG_9656.jpgThere was just a little snow left for the giraffes to enjoy and with the sun shining and temperatures rising it was an ideal day to visit the zoo.

Arctic FoxesThe Arctic Foxes were even enjoying a little sun.

_MG_9674.jpgI'm that mom that makes her children pose for photos while they're trying to get a good look at the animals.
Sea LionThe sea lions were playing games with our children that day. Our kids try to chase them under water.
_MG_9699.jpgThere's a new exhibit at the zoo and we were excited to see it. The elephants, along with some other compatible animals now share a new home!
IMG_4139The Toyota Elephant Passage a new, massive home to the elephants. They have a ton of room to roam around.

IMG_4151They even have a sky bridge that they can cross over while we walk below them._MG_9703.jpgThe openness of the exhibit is great. There is so much to see without many obsturctions.
IMG_4143A few of the elephants are from Southeast Asia. If you've ever been to Thailand you may have seen these little Tuk Tuks driving around. If a person didn't want to sit in a nice air conditioned taxi a Tuk Tuk is a great alternative.
_MG_9783.jpgWe even had time to take in an elephant show!
_MG_9708.jpgThe hippos have taken over the elephants old home.
_MG_9722.jpgThe brown bears were quite active and playful. They were a hoot to watch since they are normally just laying around.
_MG_9750.jpgThis baby orangutan was all over the place. Believe it or now he's just 3 years old.
_MG_9759.jpgWe spent quite a bit of time in here just watching these guys swing around.
_MG_9791.jpgThe camels finally woke up from their nap.
_MG_9795.jpgThe boys really wanted to see some snakes, so we found some for them. Yuck!
_MG_9805.jpgAnna was pretty excited with every animal that she saw.
_MG_9809.jpgWe found Nemo and Dori!
_MG_9812.jpgMy Lutheran Stud and I had just watched the newest James Bond movie over the weekend. There was a Komodo Dragon in the movie just like this one, except it was probably 10 times bigger.
_MG_9818.jpgWe were hoping this crocodile would something fun and exciting, but it didn't.
_MG_9819.jpgThis tiny little frog is supposed to be one of the world's most poisonous frogs. Creepy!
_MG_9822.jpgThe lions were enjoying a nice little siesta when we came by and yelled at them.
IMG_4158We spent just about the entire day at the zoo, catching some rays, and wearing out our children. You can check out some more photos HERE. It was awesome, so we'll probably be doing it again soon. Bring on spring now, please!


Heather said...

Fox porn? Very classy Jan.


JAN said...

Ha, ha!!! They were actually fighting over a little ball, but maybe took a little break. ;)

Gretchen said...

Gorgeous pictures as always, Jan. Our zoo is small and expensive so we never go, but I'm thinking about taking the kids to St. Louis in June and hitting the (free) zoo there. I have so many memories of that place as a kid. It's fun to see your kids gape at the exhibits in the pictures.